Education During COVID-19 Survey Results and Letter to Gov. Abbott

In order to best represent our constituents and all Texans across the state, on July 7, 2020 we conducted a Google Survey created to gather data on the concerns that our educators and parents face amidst the reopening of schools. Over the course of a week, we received an overwhelming response with a total of 15,380 completing the survey. In doing so, we summarized the data into graphs and tables that outline our survey participants, their concerns, and which school and senate districts they represent.

We had a total of 10,710 educators along with 4,670 parents and concerned individuals fill out our survey. The category of parents and concerned individuals includes grandparents, legal guardians, and relatives who are caring for their child. Our survey also gathered data on the concerns these groups have for returning back to school. We separated these concerns into 8 major categories based on the feedback that we received from survey participants.

We have an estimated number of 542 schools districts that were represented and participated in the survey. We are grateful for this overwhelming response as this data is a representative sample of the State of Texas as a whole.

After speaking with my constituents and reviewing the results, I will be filing several pieces of legislation that we ask you to support. The legislation includes, but is not limited to, repealing the STAAR test and reallocating these funds to assist our schools with the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also file legislation supplementing teachers with medical leave if they were to contract or be exposed to COVID-19. This leave would not come out of their personal leave nor will it be accounted for within their leave allocated by the Family and Medical Leave Act. Additionally, we will file a bill appropriating specific funds to assist parents and children with special needs to ensure they have an equal access to education, whether that be additional assistance at home or for remote learning.

Thank you again to everyone that took time to complete our survey, and shared their thoughts and concerns. Your input was invaluable.

You can view my letter to Governor Abbott, along with the full survey results HERE.

View the survey results in Spanish HERE.