Help Pass Senate Bill 269

Here are steps to help support to pass Senate Bill 269- Senator Menéndez Medical Cannabis Bill:

Step 1. Look up your Legislators

Step 2. Call your Legislators!

Step 3. Use This Script:

“Hi, my name is ____. I’m your constituent and I live at_____. Please support SB 269 to allow chronically ill Texans safe and legal access to medical cannabis if their doctor recommends it. Cannabis is a legitimate medicine that can help people like Veterans with PTSD or a grandmother suffering with cancer. I support SB 269 because … (tell your story). Please ask (insert legislator name) to support SB 269 to help sick Texans get medicine. 

Step 4: Tweet Me @Menendez4Texas so I can thank you for your advocacy.

Share this information with friends and family. Thank you!