Preview of Education During COVID-19 Survey Results

Last week on July 7, 2020, my staff shared a Google Survey created to gather data on the concerns that our educators and parents face amidst the reopening of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the week, we received an overwhelming response from all over the State of Texas with a total of 15,380 people completing the survey. My team is continuing to review the data, and today I am prepared to give you a breakdown of the first 13,000 responses that we have received.

We had a total of 8,977 educators along with 4,023 parents and concerned individuals fill out our survey. The category of parents and concerned individuals includes grandparents, legal guardians, and relatives who are caring for their child.

Our survey also gathered data on the concerns these groups have for returning back to school. We separated these concerns into 8 major categories. These categories were based on the feedback that we received from survey participants. The 8 categories are: Safety, Contracting COVID-19, STAAR Testing, School Facilities, School Funding, Curriculum for Teachers, Equal Access to Education, Other Concerns, and No Concerns. In order for every survey participant to give all of their thoughts on reopening schools, we provided the option to select multiple concerns along with opportunities to elaborate on concerns and provide specific feedback.

Of the first 13,000 survey participants we have a total of 526 school districts that were represented and participated in the survey. We have also posted these school districts, which span across our State. My staff is continuing to compile the data and we will be sharing a full report this Wednesday.

As my staff is sorting through this data, we have already started drafting legislation. We are proposing the STAAR test to be cancelled, so that those funds can go directly to assisting our school as we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Additionally, we are filing a bill which will allow teachers to opt out of teaching this upcoming school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If these teachers choose to opt out, it will not affect their Teacher Retirement System benefits.

With this information, we are asking that the State strongly consider opposing the reopening of our school facilities. Our educators and students should not be on the front lines battling this deadly virus. Together, we must be better.

We would like to thank all of the educators, parents, grandparents, and concerned individuals who took the time to fill out this survey. We look forward to sharing our full report tomorrow.

View the Responses and Concerns shown below HERE

View the 526 school districts HERE