Resources For Our Students With Special Needs

Distance Learning Tips: Information and resources for students with disabilities compiled by educators and families around the world. These materials are open and free and can be tailored to suit the needs of your child or student. CLICK HERE

Apps For Our Students To Use: List of apps that are aimed at our students with special needs. CLICK HERE

Distance Learning For Students With Significant Support Needs: This link is connected to a padlet that provides advice and resources for our students with significant support needs. CLICK HERE

How to Help Your Student Emotionally Manage the Pandemic: This Resource is “COVID-19 Emotional Management: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers.” CLICK HERE

Local and State Support Programs for Students With Special Needs in Texas: Programs presented to help our parents with children with special needs in local and state support. CLICK HERE

General Guide with News Updates Included: Provides news updates to students with special needs, their families, and their teachers. CLICK HERE

Children’s Specialized Hospital – Useful Tips for Parents and Caregivers: This guide provides parents with tips for caregivers for their children with special needs. CLICK HERE

Military One Source COVID-19 Resources For Parents of Children With Special Needs: Part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Support Network to the Military Community. CLICK HERE

National Disability Rights Network COVID-19 and Student Education with Disabilities Resources: Information and guides for students who are disabled and who learn online during the pandemic. CLICK HERE

Children’s Specialized Hospital On Ensuring Mental Health: Additional condensed tips from Children’s Specialized Hospital on how to ensure mental health and a balanced sense of routine. CLICK HERE

Website For Families of Children With Disabilities to Offer Support or Services in Texas: Website made especially for families and parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs, designed to provide support, inspiration, resources and links to services available throughout Texas. CLICK HERE

Staying Mindful of Child Development When Discussing COVID-19: Advice sheet intended to serve as a guide to help parents and caregivers talk to their children in a development-appropriate way that takes into account each child’s unique personality, along with their cognitive and emotional maturity. CLICK HERE

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